Pretty Mama is a disruptive breastfeeding and maternity brand which launched in Spring 2020, with a clear mission and ambition of supporting breastfeeding mothers on their nursing journey and being the household name for easy access breastfeeding clothing. 

Co founded by two sisters; Alex a Fashion graduate, full-time working mum and the designer, and Jenny a Law with Business graduate from Northumbria University, who leads in marketing and business development. Our range is minimalist and stylish enough for the modern mother to continue wearing long after her breastfeeding journey is over.

Co-founder Alex says “My body had changed so much during pregnancy and the maternity wear really lacked in boosting my post-birth body confidence”. Our company is a brand you always wanted but could never quite find, and was also loved by BBC ONE Dragons’ Den investors as we made history by being one of the few start-ups to secure investment in the den from four dragons.

We hope you love our products as much as we do!

Love Pretty Mama x