How can I care for my product when stained from breast milk?

Yes, breast milk and baby formula can stain clothing, but here is how you can remove it.

Breast milk contains proteins and fats that can cause stubborn stains on your and your baby’s clothes. Proteins leave marks on fabrics, and the fats in breast milk can leave grease-like stains. 

First, make sure you have the right tools. It’s a good idea to have these items on hand for when you’ll (inevitably) need them: 

  • Stain removal wipes for quick clean-ups 
  • A soft-bristled brush for scrubbing stubborn stains.
  • Stain remover to pre-treat stains. 
  • Laundry detergents with enzyme action to break down proteins.


To lighten the laundry load, try these hacks for avoiding breast milk stains before they happen:

  • Use nursing pads to protect your clothing from leaks. 
  • Clean up any fresh breast milk stains as quickly as you can before the milk can set in. (This is when those stain removal wipes come in handy.)
  • Use cold water on any accidental stain as soon as you can—this keeps greasy stains from setting. 
  • Keep burp cloths handy when you’re nursing to protect clothing. 


Pre-treat, scrub, soak, wash. Eliminate stains that have already dried with the following steps: 

  • Gently scrape any milk residue from the fabric. 
  • Pre-treat the stain with stain remover. There are many natural and synthetic stain removers to choose from. Consider an environmentally friendly stain remover that will contain fewer harsh chemicals and allergens. And always check clothing tags first to make sure they can take stain remover. 
  • Scrub tough stains with your soft-bristled brush. Be careful using the brush on any delicate fabrics.  
  • Soak your stained clothes in cold water. Cold water keeps protein-based stains from setting.  
  • Wash your clothes with a laundry detergent that contains enzymes good for breaking down protein stains. Try to use laundry detergents with the fewest chemicals and allergens, particularly for your baby’s clothes, to protect your baby’s delicate skin. Your normal wash cycle should be enough to get out most breast milk stains.
  • Especially stubborn stains may require several treatments and a couple of washes before you’re completely satisfied. Tough stains may need additional soaking and another couple of washes. 

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